The eDiViDe project

The EACEA-funded eDiViDe project joins forces of different universities and university colleges over country borders towards a European wide online digital design lab. The lab offers different FPGA-based setups with accompanying exercises and examples. The goal is to:

  • motivate students to practice digital design by:
    • providing them with both simple and advanced setups,
    • making the setups available from anywhere at any time,
  • link the setups to ongoing research for visibility and cooperation purposes,
  • expand the usage and the size of the (distributed) lab by attracting other institutes.

Welcome to eDiViDe!

eDiViDe is an online learning platform for digital electronics and focusses on providing real FPGA based lab environments to students. Online means that all you need is a computer with an internet connection, a web browser (IE not supported because of advanced features) and a login. You will be presented with extensive descriptions of the setups and exercises, interfaces to submit your solutions (vhdl code) and the possibility to control the setup remotely pushing buttons, toggling switches and watching LEDs go on and off while you get a live webcam feed of the specific setup.

To make it a little more interesting, challenging and exciting the platform offers about 20 different lab environments all based around an FPGA. For example FPGAs are controlling stepper motors, led cubes, robots a greenhouse and other peripherals. Different setups stimulate different learning goals and are divided into several exercises in order to stimulate progress or to handle a specific task/goal. eDiViDe setups can be used as part of the curriculum for digital electronics but is even better suited to stimulate students to work on their digital design skills outside normal school lab hours as eDiViDe is availble 24/7.